Resources for Candidates for Public Office, National Delegate, and Presidential Elector

Electronic Balloting FAQ

This document answers many of the current frequently asked questions regarding the electronic balloting for endorsement process. Additional information will be added here as it becomes available.

Ballot Video Submission Form

Candidates for public office can then use this form to submit a video to appear next to their name on the electronic endorsement ballot.

How to Post an Unlisted Video on Youtube

This instructional guide will walk you through how to post an unlisted video on the Youtube platform.

Temporary Rules for Ballot Online Conventions

These are the official rules that have been drafted for running ballot only conventions.

Remote Meeting & Working Options

This memo outlines various options for campaigns to meet and work together remotely.

DFL Announcement of Switch to Online Balloting

This press release outlines the rationale for a switch to online balloting, as well as a general description of how the process will work.

Ranked Choice Voting Explainer

This memo explains the ranked choice voting system that Minnesota DFL Party conventions will be using to determine endorsements.

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