Preparing for 2018 caucuses and conventions

This page is intended to provide easy access to the materials you need to prepare for the 2018 caucus and convention cycle. Most of these materials are found in your caucus kits, but they are provided here in electronic form for your convenience. If you have any questions about caucuses or conventions, please contact Deputy Training & Party Affairs Director Hannah Quinn (651-251-6373 or

Information for convention chairs and organizers

Walking Subcaucus Procedures
Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance
Freezing the Floor

Training Materials

Convention Chairs Training Slideshow
Caucus Preparation Slideshow
Caucus and Convention Best Practices Slideshow
Introduction to Precinct Caucuses Video (English)

Model Documents

Model Constitution – County Organizing Unit
Model Constitution – Greater MN Senate District
Model Constitution – Senate District Organizing Unit
Model Convention Rules and Agendas 2018 Model Convention Rules – County Organizing Unit
2018 Model Convention Rules – Greater MN Senate District
2018 Model Convention Rules – Senate District Organizing Unit

Commonly Used Forms

2018 Resolution Form

For submitting amendments to the DFL Platform.

How to effectively write resolutions
Challenge Form

Reporting Forms

2018 Organizing Unit Convention Report
2018 Non-Organizing Unit Endorsing Convention Report
2018 Congressional District Convention Report

Individual reporting documents will be sent to each party unit. These are generic forms not specific to any party unit.

Campaign Finance Board Party Unit Registration

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