Coordinated Campaign Director

The Minnesota DFL Party is now accepting applications for a Coordinated Campaign Director. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and list of references by electronic mail to:

Corey Day
Executive Director
Minnesota DFL Party
255 East Plato Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55107
(Please put Coordinated Campaign Director in subject line)

Applications due Wednesday, March 7th by 5:00pm. Please direct any questions about the jobs or the process to Corey Day, Executive Director.  Please respect the interview process and do not ask for a meeting outside the process.

Title: Coordinated Campaign Director

Status: Full-time

Description: The Coordinated Campaign Director will be responsible for overseeing the entire 2018 coordinated campaign field effort including base vote, communities of color, campus turnout, early voting, and GOTV. The Coordinated Campaign Director will manage the overall program and will be responsible for recruiting, interviewing and hiring staff members within the coordinated campaign.

Minimum Qualifications: Each applicant must have at least these qualifications and, except in an extraordinary case, will not be considered without them:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • At least two (2) cycles of work experience in campaign management
  • A management-level role (a) on a campaign for federal or statewide office, (b) as staff for a party organization or a statewide coordinated campaign
  • Active membership in the DFL Party (or the Democratic Party in another state)
  • Proficiency with voter targeting, plan development, training, voter identification, base-vote and get-out-the-vote drives
  • Knowledge and use of Vote Builder including Voter File, and My Campaign; and field management tools
  • Experience organizing in partnership with communities of color
  • Proven track record of effective staff management

Compensation: Compensation commensurate with experience.

Diversity: The Minnesota DFL Party is an equal-opportunity employer. Consistent with the DFL Party’s commitment to including groups historically under-represented in the DFL Party’s affairs, by race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or disability, we strongly encourage members of underrepresented groups to seek jobs within the DFL Party.

Duties: The Coordinated Campaign Director will, under the direction of the UDF Board, the State DFL Chair, and the Executive Director:

  1. Manage the statewide Coordinated Campaign and offer coordination and support to endorsed candidates and their campaigns;
  2. Execute the Coordinated Campaign plan, as approved by the UDF Board, and recommend to the Board any necessary or prudent refinement to the plan;
  3. Organize and supervise the Party’s voter-contact programs, including but not limited to voter-identification, voter-registration, and get-out-the-vote drives;
  4. Manage the Party’s entire voter-contact program, including but not limited to voter identification, voter registration, etc.; as well as turnout efforts tailored to specific base communities including English as a second language groups, college campuses and Tribal communities.
  5. Manage activities between partners, acting as a liaison between varied campaigns, programs and entities.
  6. Manage Early Vote / GOTV director to coordinate get out the vote activities.
  7. Communicate quantitative and qualitative outcomes of the program to the UDF Board;
  8. Perform such other duties as the UDF Board, State DFL Chair, and Executive Director assign

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