Statement from the DFL

In the DFL’s certification process of the presidential preference ballots cast at the March 1st precinct caucuses, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) made us aware that there was a discrepancy in our delegate count. We were directed by the DNC to reconcile our count before certification. It’s been determined that Hillary Clinton has received an additional delegate from Minnesota.

On caucus night, we tabulated the 17 at-large delegates and 10 party leader and elected officials (PLEO) delegates as one group of 27 delegates. The two groups should have been kept separate. Each group is tied to the statewide results, however, they are two separate pools of delegates. When the delegate calculation is applied to the two separately, each group has a remainder delegate which goes to the candidate with the highest remainder. Clinton has the highest remainder in both cases and thus earns one more delegate.

Minnesota’s current delegate count now stands at 46 for Bernie Sanders and 31 for Clinton. Minnesota also has 16 super delegates who will take part in the Democratic National Convention in July. Those delegates are not bound by the presidential preference ballot results.

The party wants to thank the 15,000 volunteers who helped to conduct the precinct caucuses and the more than 206,000 attendees who took part.

Photo of Unofficial Delegate Allocation here (click to enlarge):

image001 (1)

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