Private Success Depends on Public Investments

This video outlines how our private businesses depend on our publicly funded infrastructure to succeed. This fact has implications for our tax policy: large businesses and very successful business people rely quite heavily on our public infrastructure. Therefore, it is morally just and fair that they pay higher taxes to generate the revenues needed to build and maintain these systems. This is a strong argument for progressive taxation.

Guaranteed Public Health Care

We’ve prepared another short video explaining why private health insurance increases health care costs, and why guaranteed public health care is the right solution. We hear people say that health care is a right, not a privilege. We think that health care is a right when The Public ensures that everyone receives care. Watch. Learn. Share.

Reasons to Vote Democratic in 2018

The Beltrami County DFL has a new YouTube Channel.  We’ve posted five videos so far, including the one we’re sharing here.  It highlights some of the many great reasons to vote Democratic in 2018, accompanied by some toe-tapping music.  So be sure to unmute!