Action Alert: Protect DREAMers

The Trump Administration’s heartless, cruel, and divisive action to end DACA, which protects children of immigrants who were brought to America at a young age, goes against the very premise of the United States of America. Over 800,000 talented young people will once again live in fear of having the life they know upended by deportation—including over 6,000 here in Minnesota.

If Congress does not act immediately, Trump will have dealt a devastating blow to our economy and our national security by forcing nearly one million people back in the shadows. Call your representatives in Congress today to urge them to protect DREAMers in Minnesota and across the country.

If your representative is a Republican, call them and tell them:

  • Please stand up for the more than 6,000 young people in Minnesota whose lives will be upended if DACA is ended.
  • These people are our coworkers, our classmates, and our neighbors. It would tear families apart, make our communities less safe, and undermine our economy.
  • I urge you to take legislative action immediately to protect these talented young people who contribute to our economy every day.

If your representative is a Democrat, call them and thank them for defending DREAMers. Encourage them to keep up the fight on behalf of all Minnesotans.

Find out who represents you and their contact information here.