Melissa Hortman
District 36B - Speaker of the House
Ryan Winkler
District 46A- Majority Leader
Julie Sandstede
District 06A- Assistant Majority Leader
Liz Olson
District 07B- Majority Whip
Mary Kunesh-Podein
District 41B- Assistant Majority Leader
Jamie Becker-Finn
District 42B - Assistant Majority Leader
Fue Lee
District 59A - Assistant Majority Leader
Jamie Long
District 61B- Assistant Majority Leader
Hodan Hassan
District 62A- Assistant Majority Leader
Rob Ecklund
District 03A
Mary Murphy
District 03B
Ben Lien
District 04A
Paul Marquart
District 04B
John Persell
District 05A
Dave Lislegard
District 06B
Jennifer Schultz
District 07A
Mike Sundin
District 11A
Dan Wolgamott
District 14B
Jeff Brand
District 19A
John (Jack) Considine Jr.
District 19B
Todd Lippert
District 20B
Duane Sauke
District 25B
Tina Liebling
District 26A
Jeanne Poppe
District 27B
Gene Pelowski Jr.
District 28A
Kelly Morrison
District 33B
Kristin Bahner
District 34B
Zack Stephenson
District 36A
Erin Koegel
District 37A
Ami Wazlawik
District 38B
Michelle (Shelly) Christensen
District 39B
Michael V. Nelson
District 40A
Samantha Vang
District 40B
Connie Bernardy
District 41A
Kelly Moller
District 42A
Peter Fischer
District 43A
Leon Lillie
District 43B
Ginny Klevorn
District 44A
Patty Acomb
District 44B
Lyndon Carlson Sr.
District 45A
Mike Freiberg
District 45B
Cheryl Youakim
District 46B
Laurie Pryor
District 48A
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn
District 48B
Heather Edelson
District 49A
Steve Elkins
District 49B
Michael Howard
District 50A
Andrew Carlson
District 50B
Sandra Masin
District 51A
Laurie Halverson
District 51B
Rick Hansen
District 52A
Ruth Richardson
District 52B
Tou Xiong
District 53A
Steve Sandell
District 53B
Anne Claflin
District 54A
Brad Tabke
District 55A
Hunter Cantrell
District 56A
Alice Mann
District 56B
Robert Bierman
District 57A
John Huot
District 57B
Raymond Dehn
District 59B
Diane Loeffler
District 60A
Mohamud Noor
District 60B
Frank Hornstein
District 61A
Aisha Gomez
District 62B
Jim Davnie
District 63A
Jean Wagenius
District 63B
Kaohly Her
District 64A
Dave Pinto
District 64B
Rena Moran
District 65A
Carlos Mariani
District 65B
Alice Hausman
District 66A
John Lesch
District 66B
Tim Mahoney
District 67A
Jay Xiong
District 67B

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