Community Caucuses

African American Caucus

The African American Caucus aims to advance African American interests in Minnesota. We hope to live in a Minnesota where African Americans have full access to all opportunities and their interests are seen as critical to the well-being of the state.

Disability Caucus

The Disability Caucus works to promote the involvement of individuals with disabilities in the political process, increase the participation of members of the disability community within the DFL, and encourages people with disabilities to run for both party and public office.

Environmental Caucus

The Environmental Caucus aims to educate and mobilize the citizens of Minnesota to work for the preservation and restoration of our natural environment.

Latino Caucus

The DFL Latino Caucus advances and supports Latino representation and participation within the DFL Party. The mission of the caucus is to support and elect Democrats who display keen and well rounded knowledge that informs, empowers and educates all Latinos.

Minnesota Young DFL

The Minnesota Young DFL (MYDFL) prepares young Minnesotans to lead in local, state and national Democratic politics by creating opportunities for education and leadership. MYDFL empowers young people, giving them a voice to advocate for youth issues.

Muslim Caucus

The Muslim Caucus fosters involvement by MN Muslim Americans in the political process, to promote their active participation in the DFL; and to foster and support the election of candidates to elected and appointed public party offices at all levels who are aware of and committed to the DFL Party Principles and the concerns of Muslim Americans.

Progressive Caucus

The DFL Progressive Caucus is a grassroots organization that is committed to advancing issues of justice and equality, as well as working with the Party through strong outreach and issue advocacy.

Rural Caucus

The DFL Rural Caucus brings together DFLers from all corners of greater Minnesota and advances the causes of rural issues and campaigns. For more information contact DFL Rural Caucus Chair Linda Larson Ph/Txt 612.554.9963 linda4dflmn@gmail.com

Senior Caucus

The DFL Senior Caucus promotes the active participation of Minnesota seniors in the political process - giving a voice to seniors in Minnesota elections and politics.

Somali American Caucus

The Somali-American Caucus focuses on utilizing the political process to bring positive impact to the communities where we work, learn and live.

Stonewall DFL

Stonewall DFL works for a safe and equitable Minnesota by electing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and allied Democrats to public office in Minnesota and to party office in the Minnesota DFL.

Veterans Caucus

Community Outreach Organizations

American Indian Caucus

The American Indian Caucus advances and supports American Indian representation and participation. The caucus mission is to educate and include all American Indian people in the political process and provide services that enhance and support tribal sovereignty.

Asian Pacific American Caucus
Feminist Caucus

The purpose of the DFL Feminist Caucus is to support, advocate and promote the health, safety, human rights, and improved socioeconomic and political conditions of all people in their life and communities through the elimination of sexism in accordance with the Principles of the Caucus.

Hmong American Caucus

The Hmong American Caucus advances and supports Hmong American representation and participation.

Hunting and Fishing Caucus

The DFL Hunting and Fishing Caucus fosters the participation of hunters, anglers, as well as those involved in shooting sports, like archery, in the electoral process.

Minnesota Asian Indian Democratic Association

The Minnesota Asian-Indian Democratic Association (MAIDA) works to inform the DFL and the state about the concerns of the Asian-Indian community and further those concerns in the form of party and governmental policy at all levels of government.

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