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In the Know, Aug. 29

In the Know

Minnesota DFL

Aug. 29, 2013

Events today

  • 9 a.m. – Minnesota House Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy committee holds a hearing comparing the business climates of Minnesota and Wisconsin in Room 5 of the State Office Building.
  • 11 a.m. – Gov. Mark Dayton reads with children at Minnesota Department of Education’s State Fair booth.
  • 12:30 p.m. – Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Amy Klobuchar taking part in a conference call on agriculture issues with Minnesota Farmers Union President Doug Peterson at the MFU booth at the Minnesota State Fair.
  • 1 p.m. – Promises made, promises kept: Speaker of the House Paul Thissen and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk will be at the DFL booth at the Minnesota State Fair to talk about the success of the 2013 Legislative Session.
  • Today – State senator and US Senate candidate Julianne Ortman will be at the State Fair.  She’ll do interviews with MPR, and Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse and be at the GOP booth greeting voters.

2013 election

With Minneapolis’ weak-mayor system, does it really matter who gets elected? MinnPost


2013 special session

Preparing for special session, Minnesota lawmakers voice frustrations, Star Tribune

Legislative leaders meet to plan disaster relief plan for special session, MinnPost

Minnesota lawmakers take first step toward disaster bill, Pioneer Press


2014 election

Attack of the social engineers: CD6 Republican candidate Sivarajah declares war on Met Council, Bluestream Prairie


Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco

After a bruising confirmation process in the U.S. Senate, Minnesota U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones will be sworn in today as the permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Nominated by President Obama, Jones will become the agency’s first permanent director in seven years. He will be sworn in at a Washington ceremony with Attorney General Eric Holder. Star Tribune


Congressional delegation


Bachmann warns Obama against making unilateral decision on Syria, St. Cloud Times

Ex-adviser to Michele Bachmann selling book, WCCO

Bachmann camp blasts new book: ‘reprehensible piece of fiction’, Pioneer Press



2 Minn. congressmen get earful about airport noise, KAAL



Sen. Al Franken visits REG Albert Lea biodiesel plant celebration, Biodiesel Magazine



Klobuchar: Federal cuts will harm Mayo Clinic research, Rochester Post Bulletin

Klobuchar’s visit to Malt-O-Meal facility reinforces her efforts to support state businesses, Northfield News

Klobuchar talks sequestration cuts in Rochester, Fox 47

Klobuchar weighs in on Syrian situation, Rochester Post Bulletin

Sen. Klobuchar stops in Rochester, KIMT



Nolan continues ‘Make It in America’ jobs tour, ECM



Dayton defends wolf hunting, calls for clean energy at fair, MPR

Listen to Gov. Dayton live at the State Fair, MPR

Mark Dayton: Age is just a number, Smart Politics


Much of the buzz among insiders about the business-to-business taxes has been: “How long can Gov. Dayton claim that he didn’t know about them when they were passed?” While it’s understandable that the Governor didn’t know all the details, his staff should have and he should have been briefed. Yesterday, on WCCO Radio with Chad Hartman Dayton said that if the staff didn’t know that’s on him as well.  Between, Prettner-Solon, the business-to-business taxes, the Vikings finances, and the planned “unsession” Dayton’s proclamation that he’ll run again is as strong as his own political energy and the ability of his’ staff’s ability to keep him prepared and energized. Even Dayton can’t do it all himself, those around him can tell he’s still making his final calculation on whether or not to run. Morning Take


Disaster relief

Duluth to get more disaster aid to offset flood costs, MPR


Education (K-12)

West metro schools referendum roundup, Star Tribune

Minnesota: Keep on testing: Pioneer Press editorial, Pioneer Press


Food insecurity

The only problem with SNAP is underfunding, Minnesota 2020



Minnesota GOP members gather in Austin, KAAL

Minn. Senate attorneys want Brodkorb suit tossed, WCCO

Federal magistrate weighing whether to toss Brodkorb lawsuit, Star Tribune

Court hearing held on Brodkorb document release, MPR



Missouri poised to nullify U.S. gun laws, Star Tribune


Health care

Minn. health care costs, cost growth below average, Winona Daily News

Americans oppose withholding funds for health law, poll shows, Los Angeles Times

How the ObamaCare defunding battle exploded into political showdown, The Hill

States find new ways to resist health law, The Washington Post

How Bill Clinton is helping Obamacare, Pioneer Press

Countdown to Obamacare: 34 days, Pioneer Press



Broad Minnesota immigration coalition sees hope for reform, MinnPost

Faith groups, law enforcement and business team up to encourage immigration reform, MinnPost



AFSCME members protest proposed health care hike at University of Minnesota, TC Daily Planet

Sept. 9 is not necessarily D-Day for Osmo Vanska, Star Tribune

Minnesota Orchestra must return soon, says Vänskä, Star Tribune


March on Washington

Obama hits home for many with call for America to seize cause of 1960s civil rights ‘patriots’, Star Tribune

Obama calls on nation to complete Dream’s ‘unfinished business’, The Hill

Boehner, Cantor declined invitation to speak at MLK event, The Hill

50 years after the March on Washington: It’s time to arise to today’s civil-rights challenges, MinnPost

Minnesotans mark 50th anniversary of March on Washington, MPR


Minimum wage

House Democrats, Dayton start next minimum wage push, Politics in Minnesota

Minimum-wage increase: Coalition pushing Legislature to try again, MinnPost

Video: Raise the Wage, Minnesota 2020


Minnesota Supreme Court

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Chris Dietzen, first appointed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, will be running no more judicial races. Dietzen filed papers this month terminating his campaign committee. The 66-year-old would have faced re-election in 2016 which meant that, if re-elected, he would have been just a few months shy of his 70th birthday. Justices must retire from the bench at 70.  In ending his campaign committee, he gave away the $10,000 in cash he had on hand mostly to charities. Among the beneficiaries were the University of St. Thomas Law School, which received $3,000, and Trinity Sober Homes, Trinity School at River Ridge, Sharing and Caring Hands, Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church and Feed My Starving Children, which each got $1,000. Several other charities received $500 contributions. Star Tribune



Minnesota’s chief federal judge: More cuts crippling, Star Tribune

In Minnesota, federal budget cuts will hurt courts, chief judge says, Pioneer Press


State Fair

Grumpy Cat news you can use, Star Tribune

Internet Cat Video Festival brings blue-ribbon kitties to the State Fair, Pioneer Press

Learning about Minnesotans — at the State Fair, and at the ballot box, MinnPost


Most people who have visited the state Senate information booth have probably seen Scott Magnuson, the ever-friendly director of the Minnesota Senate information office and devoted fair lover. He has only missed about a half dozen days at the fair in the last 30 years (a heart ailment claimed a few of those days). For 10 years, he worked 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. representing the state. Now, he generally takes the 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. shift at the booth in the Education Building. “I don’t think there is a better venue for meeting people from every corner of the state,” Magnuson said of the fair. “It’s probably the best people-watching place around.” Magnuson has boundless fair-related stories and memories. A favorite: A friend had just ordered a big hotdog. The hotdog fell in the street and rolled about five feet. His friend picked it up, dusted it off and continued eating it. Star Tribune



4 Minn. reps want Obama to seek Congress’ approval for strikes in Syria, MPR



Our view: Don’t die in Minnesota — it’ll cost too much, Duluth News Tribune


According to the Tax Foundation, Minnesota ranks seventh highest in its sales tax rate and 18th in its combined local and state sales tax rate. As the authors note, “This report ranks states and cities based on tax rates and does not account for differences in tax bases ….States can vary greatly in this regard.” This year, Gov. Mark Dayton proposed lowering the sales tax rate but broadening the base. He ultimately dropped that proposal in the face of strong opposition. Star Tribune



Met Council chief suggests avoiding vote in Southwest LRT feud, Star Tribune

Disabilities activist Rick Cardenas championed downtown St. Paul LRT access with skyway elevator, MinnPost

Southwest Light Rail tunnel proposals would remove hundreds of trees, MPR

LRT features get another go over, Finance and Commerce



Veteran suicides twice as high as civilian rate, MinnPost


Viking stadium

Vikings, stadium authority make progress on audit of Wilfs, Star Tribune

If stadium project is delayed, blame everyone but Ziggy Wilf, AM 1500



Obama defends suit challenging Texas voter ID law, says he will use Voting Rights Act tools, Star Tribune

Stadium authority chair: NFL’s still committed to project, Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal



Gov. Walker: 250,000 jobs goal thwarted by ACA, recalls, Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

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