2017 Endorsement Process

If you are a 2017 DFL candidate seeking our Community Caucus’ endorsement, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1.  Complete Stonewall DFL’s online questionnaire.
  2.  The Political Support committee will review questionnaires and contact candidates with the screening date and time for their race.  Please note:  Questionnaire submission must occur prior to a screening time being assigned.  The sooner the candidate submits their Questionnaire, the sooner and more likely they’ll get a screening time that works best for them.  Spots are limited and fill up quickly.
  3.  Meet with the screening committee for an approxi 20-minute in-person interview.
  4.  The Political Support committee will make recommendations to the full Stonewall DFL Board of Directors for each race being considered for endorsement.
  5.  The Stonewall DFL Board of Directors will vote on endorsement to consider the recommendations of the Political Support committee. In most cases, this will occur at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  Letters of support from caucus members supporting a candidate are welcome and often helpful too.

Endorsement timelines (updated 8/16/2017):

Screenings/Endorsements after August 15 are limited.  Campaigns: Please follow the processes above as our outreach activities increase greatly until election day.

Information for candidates for office:

To be considered by Stonewall DFL for endorsement, please submit your questionnaire electronically using the link below.


Candidates may wish to review the questions for their race listed in our sample questions document before starting the online questionnaire process.

Questions about which questionnaire to use for your campaign should first be directed to Ron Wacks, Stonewall DFL Political Support Committee Co-Chair, by email at rpwacks@earthlink.net.  Word Doc or PDF submissions are not being accepted this year.

Stonewall DFL members who wish to participate in our candidate screening sessions, should watch our Facebook group for the screening info or the event calendar at dfl.org. Not all candidates running for the same office may be screened on the same date, but of course we will make every effort to keep similar races together. Candidate screenings are closed committee sessions, open only to members of the Stonewall DFL caucus who are in good standing with caucus annual dues paid 7 days prior to the activity.


This is a 100% all volunteer effort.  Donations, flexibility and, at times, understanding are always appreciated.  🙂

On behalf of the Stonewall DFL caucus we do appreciate the candidates and our members’ time and dedication to the Minnesota LGBT community

All completed questionnaires will be kept on file for the SDFL Board of Directors.