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Since 1980, Stonewall DFL (previously the Gay & Lesbian Caucus) has advocated for LGBTIQ issues within the MN DFL Party and the state legislature.

Our caucus has brought you great leaders such as Allan Spear, Karen Clark, Scott Dibble, Susan Allen, Erin Maye Quade and many more. Throughout the years we have worked to change DFL hearts and minds one conversation at a time.

Help us continue that work by becoming a dues-paying member of the caucus!

2018 Membership Levels:

Patron: $250
Sponsor: $125
General: $35
New Member: $25
Student/Senior: $15  (if financially able please join at a higher level)

Additional contributions are appreciated as 100% of our membership dues go towards LGBTIQ outreach across the state and helping elect LGBTIQ and Allied candidates to all levels of office.

The Stonewall DFL Specific Online Donation Link is HERE!

**Do not use a different donation link or these funds will be incorrectly credited to the DFL general fund instead of tagged as a Stonewall DFL Donation.** 


If paying by check:

1) please make checks payable to “MN DFL”

2) in the memo field please write “STONEWALL DFL Caucus”.


Donate $50 to Stonewall DFL caucus for FREE*

*As of Jan 1, 2018, any dues/donations to Stonewall DFL are now PCR Eligible!