2018 Annual Membership Meeting Announcement and Information

Saint Paul, Minn., Nov 30, 2017 (updated Jan 3, 2018, 10:10pm)

Stonewall DFL invites all LGBTIQ and allies to its 2018 Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, Jan 6, 2018.


Hennepin County Government Center

450 S 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN

Lower Level Auditorium (follow signs)

The site is accessible, on/near transit options with adequate parking.


Jan 6, 2018

1-2 PM Social Hour/Check-In — Refreshments/light snack served

2-5pm+ Caucus Business


All members in good standing prior to the end of day Dec 27th.  (10-day advance payment of dues or waiver request)

LGBTIQ and Allied MN members of the MN Democrat Farmer Labor Party (DFL)

ONLINE DUES Submission is OFFLINE until further notice.

Renewals (from 2017 only) accepted in person via check.

Credentials challenge form can be found here section A-2.



Proposed Agenda-Closed to updates***

Call to Order

Reading of the Outreach and Inclusion Statement


–Members please sign up to help on a committee (Pol Support, Fundraising, Communications, Pride, Membership, Constit/Bylaws/Rules)

Election of Meeting Chair

Appointment/Approval of Convention Helpers (Tellers, Sgt at arms, Parliamentarian)

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of 2017 Minutes

2017 Officer Reports

—Chair, Vice Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer’s report

2017 Committee Chairs Reports/Sign-up Ask

Speakers as recognized (TIMED 2 mins/each-ask at check-in/credentials to be added to the Speakers List on the day of the event-NO advanced sign-ups)

2018 Allan Spear Award Recipients

Credentials Report #1

—Challenges (if applicable)

Discussion/Approval of Standing Rules (DOWNLOAD)

Discussion/Approval of Constitution Changes (DOWNLOAD)

Credentials Report #2

—Challenges (if applicable)

Endorsement Votes

—US Senator (regular seat)

—US Senator (special election seat)


—Attorney General

—Secretary of State

—State Auditor

—Congressional District 1

—Congressional District 2

—Congressional District 3

—Congressional District 4

—Congressional District 5

—Congressional District 8

—Hennepin County Sheriff

—Ramsey County Commissioner, District 3

—Ramsey County Commissioner, District 6

—Others/Additions to be posted as requested (See below if you want to request a race, agenda continues after)

Members in good standing may request that the General Membership directly considers endorsing in a race.  No Questionnaire is required for this.  To do this prior to Jan 3:  email deldjenkins@yahoo.com to be included on the printed and published agenda.  If Jan 4 or later:  The agenda may also be amended during the “Approval of the Agenda” item with a majority vote, or after it has been approved with a 2/3 supermajority vote.  This is certainly not the only opportunity for a campaign to be considered, it is just the first.  
The 2018 Board of Directors (once elected) will also have a Questionnaire process to consider/screen/endorse candidates for public office.  They will set this process for 2018 at some point AFTER the Jan 6 Annual meeting.   It is up to the new team to set this process.  The 2017 Board cannot endorse for races in 2018 per our rules.  The 2018 board does not take office until Jan 6.  

Reading of the Outreach and Inclusion Reminder Statement

2018 Officer Q&A and Elections (Chair, Vice Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary)

2018 Named Director Q&A and Elections*

—Membership Director*

—Social Media Director*

2018 At-Large Director Q&A and Elections**



*If approved as part of the Constitutional Changes.  Proposed term is 2 yrs

**Number of Open positions is dependent on Constitutional Changes.  Proposed term going forward is 1 year.

***Agenda was last updated on Jan 3, 2018, at 10:10 pm and reflects all changes/additions received before then.

ONLINE DUES Submission is OFFLINE until further notice.

Renewals (2017 only) accepted in person via check.

Since timestamps are important and not open to interpretation, please submit your dues electronically

Contact deldjenkins@yahoo.com with questions

Note: we are an all-volunteer organization.  Patience, kindness, and at times understanding are appreciated.

LGBTIQ Members are invited to participate as their authentic selves.  Please let us know your preferred pronouns as part of the Introduction.

Democrats only. No recording devices, please.