Celebrating Twin Cities Pride with Stonewall DFL

The Twin Cities Pride Festival, held on Saturday and Sunday, June 24 – 25, 2017 is one of the largest Pride Festivals in the country with as many as 500,000 in attendance. Stonewall DFL will have a booth with information for festival goers Loring Park as well as participate in the annual Ashley Rukes Pride Parade on Sunday afternoon.


As one of the benefits of our endorsement process, we invite candidates and DFL elected officials who have been endorsed by Stonewall DFL to join us for both provided the following rules are adhered to:

  • Only candidates running for office in 2017 in the Twin Cities metro area with a Stonewall DFL endorsement are permitted. Candidates who have not earned the Stonewall DFL endorsement may not participate.
  • DFL elected officials who support the Stonewall DFL mission can participate as an elected official only. If they currently hold an elected office and are running for a different office, they may not be affiliated with a campaign unless they have received the DFL endorsement for the active race.
  • DFL endorsed candidates representing districts outside the Twin Cities metro area may participate.
  • Candidates and elected officials for Federal level offices must coordinate their own activities directly with Twin Cities Pride per parade and festival guidelines for registration.



To participate in the space provided for the Stonewall DFL booth, candidates and elected officials who meet the criteria above may distribute literature and conduct ‘meet & greet’ activities. For more information, contact Del Jenkins at 612-229-3355 or deldjenkins@yahoo.com.


Stonewall endorsed campaigns should provide 25-50 pieces of campaign literature and 2 lawn signs (with hardware) to Del Jenkins by June 21.  Reasonable attempts will be made to return unused literature and signs before July 1.


Booth volunteers are needed. Please contact Del Jenkins to sign up.


Sunday Pride Parade

To march in the Stonewall DFL parade unit, candidates and elected officials must meet the participation criteria above. Elected officials will ride in the DFL bus and candidates for office will be assigned a number of volunteer slots that can be filled by candidates and campaign volunteers. For more information, contact Hannah Slovut at 763-528-8217 or hanna.slovut@gmail.com.


Candidates and elected officials from outside the Twin Cities metro region, please contact Del Jenkins for either Festival or Parade participation (or both).