DFL Senior Caucus

The DFL Senior Caucus promotes the active participation of Minnesota seniors in the political process. Our caucus gives a voice to seniors in Minnesota elections and politics.

The goal of the caucus is to affect public policy by bringing focus and accountability to senior issues, and by working to elect public officials who support:

  • Affordable health care
  • Fair and equitable tax policies
  • Sound transportation systems
  • Fair prescription-drug coverage
  • Affordable housing
  • Safe and livable communities


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Senior Caucus Book Club

Next Meeting Discussion

Dark Money by Jane Mayer

Time & Date TBD

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 Here are five resolutions that were
supported by the
DFL Senior Caucus Board
on December 3, 2015.

Click here for past resolutions.

Click on the resolution link to display the resolution.

Support for Medicare Part D Prescription Program supported resolution 2016

Special transportation supported resolution 2016

Social Security Support supported resolution 2016

Medicare trust fund supported resolution 2016

Homecare supported resolution 2016

Here are five additional resolutions that were suggested.

Single payer health care other resolution form 2016

Repeal of CitizensUnited other resolution 2016

Education for Everyone of All Ages other resolution 2016

Compassionate Care other resolution 2016

Broadband other resolution form 2016


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Articles on News and Events

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The most recent article is shown below:


    If building a 1,989 mile fence along the border between the U.S.
    and Mexico border at an estimated cost of $21.6 billion dollars would
    stop illegal immigrants from entering this country, then in might be
    worthwhile having a discussion. Most illegals are here because they
    simply over stayed their visa.
    You can’t build this wall across rivers. People wanting to cross the
    border can simply swim around it, go under it, or go over it. Trust me,
    people will find a way.
    If we care anything about how other countries perceive us, then we
    would not build this wall. We have always considered ourselves as an
    example to the rest of the world; I don’t think this is the right kind of
    The job of building the wall is no small task and the environmental
    effects on animal migration and rivers could be serious. Much of Texas
    border is private ranchland and hundreds of lawsuits have been filled
    in opposition to the Government taking this land.
    The cost to maintain this fence once it is built will cost millions of
    dollars per year, but maybe President Trump can get Mexico to pay for
    this too.
    As long as we have businesses that provide jobs as agriculture
    workers, hotel maids, construction jobs, restaurants jobs, etc. people
    will come into the country. What we really need is immigration reform.
    952-210-8433 500 Greenhaven Dr.
    Burnsville, Mn. 55306