DFL Senior Caucus

The DFL Senior Caucus promotes the active participation of Minnesota seniors in the political process. Our caucus gives a voice to seniors in Minnesota elections and politics.

The goal of the caucus is to affect public policy by bringing focus and accountability to senior issues, and by working to elect public officials who support:

  • Affordable health care
  • Fair and equitable tax policies
  • Sound transportation systems
  • Fair prescription-drug coverage
  • Affordable housing
  • Safe and livable communities



Current News & Upcoming Events

July 2017 issue of the Senior News.

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In this issue of your Senior News, you will find several articles and features that will interest you that include a summary of the Senior Caucus annual meeting that featured a message from state DFL Party Chair, Ken Martin, as well the keynote address by Professor David Schultz.  Professor Schultz’s Ten Rules of Politics are included in a separate article.

Julianne Johnston writes about gun safety hazards while Dick Bernard writes about some of the realities of the damage that the Republicans could do if they are successful in their long established effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Rep. Peter Fischer provides the Capitol Corner feature in this issue and Don Peterson offers his thoughts and concerns on the reform of the correctional system.

Yours truly provides a review of the War on Science by Shawn Otto and the issue also includes four additional books that have been recommended by your fellow Senior News readers.

Meet the new Membership Director, Linda Larson, and learn about a potential new senior group in the Forest Lake area along with the contact information and meeting time for the existing chapters.  Check the calendar as well so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming Senior Caucus events including the annual picnic and the annual gala.

Norm hanson, editor


DFL State Senior Caucus

Annual Meeting May 20, 2017 comments by Sandy Sandoval.

The Senior Caucus Chair Don Bye called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M. at the Sheet Metal Workers’ Union Hall, 1681 Cope Avenue East, St. Paul, MN.
The Pledge of Allegiance, led by Don Slaten, Veteran, recognizing all the veterans in attendance . Introductions of the Board were conducted by Chair Don Bye. 2016 Minutes were received, Jim Reed Secretary. Treasury report was received, John Larva, Treasurer. The current balance is $2,019.67. Noted: The Senior Caucus was formed 2006, so last year was the 10-year celebration. Jules Goldstein​: Constituency Caucuses are now called Community Outreach Committees. Annual reports are now biennial reports, so the charter needs to be amended. Also, under ​Article 4, Principal Officers​, is now entitled to have a person representing a caucus at the State Executive Committee.

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Senior Caucus Book Club

Next Meeting Discussion

Dark Money by Jane Mayer

October, Time & Date TBD

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 Here are five resolutions that were
supported by the
DFL Senior Caucus Board
on December 3, 2015.

Click on the resolution link to display the resolution.

Support for Medicare Part D Prescription Program supported resolution 2016

Special transportation supported resolution 2016

Social Security Support supported resolution 2016

Medicare trust fund supported resolution 2016

Homecare supported resolution 2016

Here are five additional resolutions that were suggested.

Single payer health care other resolution form 2016

Repeal of CitizensUnited other resolution 2016

Education for Everyone of All Ages other resolution 2016

Compassionate Care other resolution 2016

Broadband other resolution form 2016


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The cost of gun violence in this country is estimated to cost about $5.5 Billion dollars a year. But this is not the real cost. There are 500 thousand deaths each year in this country due to gun violence. Also, 58.2% of suicides are carried out with a gun. A woman is 500% more likely to be killed in a domestic violence if there is a gun in the house. Every day 2 young children are killed in a gun accident.The main reasons we have done nothing to reduce gun violence is that we would have to change our attitude. This is extremely difficult to do with the National Rifle Association telling us that we are much safer when we own a gun and if any law is past that makes it more difficult for anyone to buy a gun this will result in the government taking everyone’s guns away. Most criminals commit their crime using a stolen gun. In all of the home break-ins less than 1% of gun owners are able to use their gun to prevent the robbery.If we simply required background checks for all gun sales we would reduce gun deaths by 56.6%. No one needs to own a military fully automatic assault rifle. Outlawing large magazines would reduce the number of deaths in most mass killing attacks. Requiring safety devices on all hand guns would prevent the deaths of many small children.The indisputable fact is that gun control laws reduce the number of gun related deaths, as well as saving billions of dollars.
Don Peterson
500 Greenhaven Dr.
Burnsville, Mn. 55306