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Minnesota Senate District 41 (new) embodies portions of old Senate Districts 50, 51 and 54 as created in response to the 2000 federal census. The vast majority of the current district’s voters were formerly represented by Senator Barb Goodwin (SD 50), Representative Carolyn Laine (LD 50-A), Representative Kate Knuth (LD 50-B), and Representative Tom Tillbury (LD 51-B).

On March 21, 2012, new Senate District 41 held a convention of those precinct delegates who were elected in the 2012 caucuses the previous February under the aegis of their prior organizing units (c.f., old senate districts and county wards) and who now resided within the boundaries of the new district. Candidates for the state legislature were endorsed for new Senate District 41 (Barb Goodwin) and new House Districts SD 41-A (Connie Bernardy) and SD 41-B (Carolyn Laine), as well as for county commissioners, county attorneys, and other elective offices.