6th Congressional District State House and Senate Candidates

Zach Dorholt  Incumbent DFL State Representative from Senate District 14B

Born and raised in Minnesota.

  • Graduate of St. Cloud State University
  • B.A. Community Development
  • M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Graduate Certifcate in Marriage & Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University.

Like many students today, Zachary worked his way through college in the retail and service industry. He held numerous leadership positions while a student at SCSU serving multiple elected officer roles in organizations such as Cinescope,TKE, Intra-Fraternity Council and the Community Development Organization.

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Zach Dorholt State Representative



Dan Wolgamatt, a DFL candidate for the Minnesota House  SD 14A

Wolgamatt is a realtor and high school football coach at Sauk Rapids-Rice. He said he is passionate about education and ensuring kids in Central Minnesota have the opportunity to succeed.

“The biggest reason I’m running is to fight for every child in our community,” Wolgamott said. “Now, more than ever, we need hard-working people who have a passion for our community to step up and serve and that’s what I will do.”

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Phone: 320-766-9390

Email: danformn@gmail.com


  JD Holmquist  MN House DFL Candidate-31B

JD Holmquist was born and raised local to the northern metro of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. His collegiate and professional careers have been dedicated to public health and civil service, and has promised to bring those experiences to St. Paul, bringing honesty back into the legislature. He believes in personal accountability, a government that helps those in need, and a people that helps their state in return; from the beginning he has said he believes in “hand ups, not hand outs.”
JD believes that Minnesota works best when we all are at our best.  Cutting red tape to stimulate economic growth in small communities, affordable health care, investment in our education system, and ensuring that each and every Minnesotan has the opportunity to thrive. He will bring a fresh voice to the House and a new line of experience to the floor; public health education brings compassion for the people, civility, volunteering and ethical policy making. We live in a great state, and JD has promised to work to make 31B one of the best places to call home, right here in the heartland.

JD Holmquist, MPH
MN House DFL Candidate-31B

JD Holmquist


DFL Incumbent State House Representative District 37A   Jerry Newton

Political Gridlock

There are many pressing issues facing the state, but one issue rises above the others not because it is more important, but because it must be addressed in order to solve the real issues facing the people of Minnesota.  That issue is gridlock, the inability of legislators of different philosophies to work together to get the job done for the people of Minnesota.  Jerry is a Democrat, but in his short time in the legislature between 2008 and 2010 he authored 43 bills, more than half of which were co-authored by at least one Republican.  He also signed on as co-author to 26 bills authored by Republicans.  Getting good work done for the people of Minnesota is Jerry’s top priority.  We all hold strong beliefs, but in representative government, we must put respect for other viewpoints and getting things done ahead of our personal ideology.
Read more about Jerry and his stand on issue’s affecting all Minnesotans’
Website www.jerrynewton.org
Phone 763-755-2161
Jerry Newton

Pat Davern for Minnesota House District 38A

“The DFL controlled legislature in 2013 demonstrated my party’s ability to act with not only fiscal responsibility but also wipe out the Republican deficits endured during its tenure and return a budget surplus of over $1 billion dollars back to the state”, Davern stated. “My party shows what responsible and effective leadership and not ideology can do for our citizens in these challenging economic times.” “I believe my skill set and the ability to work hard for people, is what the public deserves in an effective public servant.”

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Phone: 651-784-3674

Email: p1530@aol.com


Pat Davern 38A

Greg Pariseau for Mn House District 38B

My political passions begin with the need to support families. Strong families are the cornerstone of our society. We also need solid schools to educate all children and prepare them for successful careers.  And businesses, especially small businesses, need our support to create the jobs of the future and grow our economy.

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Email: gopariseau@gmail.com
Phone: (651) 429-0946

Emily Jenson for Mn House District 13A

Emily Jensen for MN House 13A


Brenden Ellingboe for Mn House District 30A

Ellingboe for House




Sharon Shimek for House 30B


Sharon Shimek for House 30B


 Peter Perovich Mn House District 35A



 Brian Johnson for MN House, District 15B

Brian Johnson for MN House, District 15B




Matt Gieseke for MN House  District 47A

Matt Gieseke